Of course, the first thing I did was to put some real software on it, besides that limited stuff that D-Link puts in firmware.

Fortunately, somebody already did most of the work, so I just had to install ffp_plug and get the ssh door open. Whack! I’m inside.

The first unpleasant thing I encountered is the utterly dumb habit of the firmware to ‘chmod 0777’ all files on my hard drive on every boot! Yes, it just runs ‘chmod -R a+rwx /mnt/HD’ or something like that – on every reboot. This means that all the nice file modes in ffp subdirectory full of binaries, libs and configs will get flat 0777 after first boot, not speaking if you’re going to use file modes to separate access rights for different NAS users.

Fortunately, this problem also has been dealt with, so we just have to follow the instruction. Do it before you reboot for the first time, and everything will be allright. If you already got everything chmoded, it’s easier to re-install ffp_plug from scratch, like I did :), and then install the uwchmod package before NAS gets a chance to trash your file modes.

Now, to make things simpler, I’ve changed user and group ids in /etc/{passwd,group} on NAS to the IDs I use on my home linux boxes. After you modify passwd, shadow or group files you have to run the ‘store-passwd.sh’ script which will just copy them from the root ramdisk to /usr/local/config/ which is located on your HDD, so it won’t get lost after reboot.

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